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How To Boost Your YouTube Views with Reddit

How To Boost Your YouTube Views with Reddit

In this lecture, we’re going to learn a secret way to run videos faster and get more views with Reddit. These are a fantastic method to get more views on your YouTube video, but it takes a little bit of time and a lot of hard work. You need to follow these simple three steps:
The first phase will be to create an upload a video on YouTube; then the second one will be to share that video on reddit.com/videos, and the third one will be to be on the front page of reddit.com by having Reddit upvotes. The first step will be to create a splendid and weird video that has a lot of potentials to go viral. You can make this video on youtube.com/editor, or if you know, you can make a video on your own. Good videos that can go viral are the ones that involve comedy accident weight loss exercise explainer videos if not and also gaming videos are really good and read it remember you can make this video on YouTube that come / later or if you know you can outsource a video to fiverr.com or if now you can make the video by your own now for the second step you’ll need to go to the website reddit.com over here if you don’t have an account you have to create an account you’ll take lesson 10 seconds once you have created your account go to the browser and type in reddit.com / r /videos once you’re over here you’re going to see these bottom on the right-hand side of your screen click on it and send me your video with the details from the YouTube video that you have uploaded before again typing the title of your video the URL and just complete that you’re human and that’s it once you submit your video just make sure you don’t submit more than one video every two to three days as you may get into trouble just get one video up and make sure you get that be in the front page of rediff.com this is going to generate massive traffic to you now once you have your video on reddit.com we get to the point where we only need the most important step in our process each CC but it’s not easy at the same time it’s really hard and it’s gonna be really tough at the beginning you’re going to need to have from 200 to 300 raided our boats in order to in the front page of the rate video site you’ll need to have readied users to about your video you can also have some Reddit users are gonna maybe down both your video and he’s going to depend on how good your video is this one step number one you need to create a video that it’s going to be really good and really viral in order to get the red it up boats once you have the 200 to 300 ready at boats and you’re on the front page of read it you’re going to have instantly massive traffic to your YouTube video okay guys this is it for this pro tip featuring the website reddit.com in the next video stay tuned because we’re going to see a crucial pro tip that is going to drive a lot of traffic he’s going to rank you higher these are really advanced channel SEO tip that not only people is using and you need to take advantage of so see you in the next video



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