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How To Boost Your YouTube Views with 9Gag

How To Boost Your YouTube Views with 9Gag

In this lecture, we’re going to learn a secret way to rank videos faster and get more and more views with 9gag. This trick is going to boost your views and rank you higher on YouTube. First of all, you’ll have to go to the website 9gag.com Once you are at the site, you have to create an account. Take your time and after you have created your account, you’ll have to go to the option where it says “upload image.” You have to upload as many as four to five pictures to make your account repeatable and look right to the eyes of 9gag.  Now, you have to wait two to three days or maybe a little bit more until someone starts sharing your pictures. It is paramount that you concentrate on uploading great funny pictures so people can start sharing your pics once you have done all these you have to upload your youtube video from the URL upload option at 9gag.com. For the title, you have to create something attractive, insane, and interesting to catch the attention of viewers.  After you have come up with some excellent idea for your title or even if you don’t have one, go through 9gag and see all the videos that people are sharing. After you have done all these, select the options “geeky” and “cute” but don’t choose the option “NSFW”.  Also, don’t pick the option “attribute original creator.” Once you have done all these, just click upload. It’s important to know that if you want to get more views on your video, you have to post similar funny pictures or videos every single day. You need to show that you are real 9gag user. By doing all these, the ranking of your YouTube video is going to increase rapidly because of the lots and lots of views coming and also from the embeds. Sometimes, people will also press the like button and comment on your videos. This is average. This is an excellent way to boost your views on your YouTube video since you’re embedding a video on 9gag.com which is a high PR ranking website and by doing these you’re getting a backlink from their site plus you also we have in the views coming from the users of 9gag.
okay guys this is it for this video thanks for watching and in the next video we’re going to learn a secret way to rank videos faster and get more abuse with read it that come



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