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How To Optimize Your YouTube Titles and Descriptions

How To Optimize Your YouTube Titles and Descriptions

In this part of the YouTube Tutorial we are going to see the best practices to optimize titles and descriptions of your videos.

How To Optimize Your YouTube Titles

Lets start first with the Title of your video. Here in the title of your video it’s very important that you put your main keyword twice. This will bring your video up in the search functions and also on page number one.  You can place your main keyword at the beginning and then at then at the end and this will bring you up in the stats. So remember main keyword twice on your video.

use twice the keyword on youtube video title to rank better

main keyword on youtube video title to rank better

How To Optimize The Description of Your Video

Now lets talk a little bit about the description of your videos. The description is essential for your YouTube video as well as your title. So, in the description, we will copy the title of our YouTube video in the first line of the description since you need to have those keywords right at the beginning of your description to rank better. Google loves keywords and by applying this, it will be easy for Google to know what your description is about.

In a video, because of the visuals its impossible to read what your content is about. That is why Google relies on your titles and descriptions.

You can also add, at the beginning of your description, the link of your website, an offer link to a product or any other kind of link that you want to send traffic too. Right next to the link write where the link is going to take you, and below that link remember to place the title of your YouTube video so google can read those main keywords. You have to do this in a way that is readable and looks good.

If you place a link at the beginning of the video do not put short links such as “tiny links or bit.ly links” since there a lot of internet marketers abusing from that and YouTube doesn’t like that. So remember, that if you want to add a short link because your URL is long don’t use bitly or tiny links instead use the Google URL Shortener, which is great also to use because with this short URL tool you can track where the leads are coming from.

title of youtube video on the description of video to rank better

The Importance of Detailed Descriptions

Now, for the rest of your description, you want to have from 500 to 1000 words detailing what is in your video and also filling that description with your keywords. Your text should have an opening, a mid part and also a closing part. The reason that you write it this way is because YouTube doesn’t know whats in your video.

So the more content you write on your description about your video the easier it is going to be for YouTube to know exactly whats in your video. Take your time and write a nice description about your video.  It works the same way as in a blog post, you need to tell YouTube what is in the video.

If you put a long description rather than a short description it will work in a fantastic way because Google likes it more and can trust it more. The reason of this is because they can see what your video is about and pick up on the keywords that you have selected from the keyword research that you did before.

Place Links On Your Descriptions

Now after you place that long description you need to add links. Always interlink your videos. At the end of your description you want to have internal backlinks that send people to other videos that you have: to your subscriber channel, playlists and other related videos within that video.

This is really important because the more links you add the better your video is going to rank and google is going to trust you more.  Always remember to add links at the end of your description because it will help you to rank better.

social media and google shortened links on youtube video description

youtube seo video description tip

Over here we can see great examples of titles and descriptions and how they are placing everything in a way that will rank their videos better. Again remember that the titles and description of your videos are essential to rank better and that’s why we did a keyword research on part 2,  so we can properly optimize our title and description in a way that we can outrank our competition and get lots and lots of views.

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