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YouTube SEO: How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel With SEO

How To Optimize Your YouTube Channel With SEO

In this section, we’re going to learn everything our channel optimization and how important it is to set up your YouTube channel correctly to get more traffic to your YouTube videos.
Let’s talk about the channel name. The channel name will appear on the site in “search suggested channel” and “channel browse placements.” Your channel name is this “thing” from your channel URL. The name can be edited from the channel page. When you pick a channel name, you need to make sure that it’s going to be memorable, and that it gives the audience the idea of what your channel communicates. Then, for your channel description, the first few sentences of your channel description should appear most frequently on the site so highlight the most relevant content upfront. You need to describe your channel accurately. Use all the relevant keywords that you have been doing in your research keywords. In the description include your upload schedule, especially if you host multiple content or series.
For your channel icon upload a square high-resolution eight hundred pixels by a hundred pixels image that it’s going to be recognizable for smaller resolutions. This picture will be your channel icon through the site. For your channel art, you need to create visually compelling channel art. It is crucial. Use channel art tool to choose how the picture appears on the desktop, mobile, and TV. Remember, these are images that don’t scale up so don’t try to keep the picture simple. The image needs to represent your brand, what you want to communicate. The channel art should also reflect your channels personality. Make the audience feel like they’re connecting with a person or a character, not just a brand. You need to add a website and social media links in the “About tab.” These links are going to be magnificent because they’re going to be exposed on your home tab and help you with your youtube presence for the rest of your online branding. Another two things to fully optimize your channel are the featured video in your channel and the playlist. These are paramount because you want to engage with your audience as much as you can. Make sure to set up everything in a way that people can find everything very easy. You want people to go to your YouTube channel and see everything in a way that they can search and see more of your videos. Lastly, make sure you take advantage of the option branding watermark and feature playlist of your videos. These are imperative because you want to have it in your videos to get more subscribers and for people to see more of your videos. In your channel dashboard go to “in video programming” and there you can upload an image, for example, your logo and here it will tell how many subscribers you have. You can see the time when you want it to appear, and it’s also vital to the same with your feature playlist.
Ok,  guys, this wraps up the lecture thanks again for watching and in the next conference we’re going to see a tape of how to boost our views by pinging and indexing our videos.



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