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YouTube Backlinks: How To Increase Your YouTube Views for Free

YouTube Backlinks: How To Increase Your YouTube Views for Free

Welcome again! In this post, we will see how to boost YouTube views with backlinks. Now, that we just saw thru all the YouTube Tutorial parts how to do the keyword research, how to optimize titles and descriptions, tags, thumbnails, and how to create your videos its time to take it a step further. We want to take you to the next level so in the following posts coming up in the YouTube Tutorial we will see the best pro tips and secrets to get massive views to our youtube videos.

We will break down this post into two parts, the first one is going to be how to boost our views from the use of Backlinks, then we will dig into social platforms and how to get the best from them to get thousands of views.

And so, without further ado, let’s see how to boost our YouTube views!

Boost Your YouTube views with backlinks

In the first part of the post, we will see the importance of backlinks and how to take advantage of them to boost our views. But you might be asking yourself what backlinks are, how to get them and why they will benefit you.

Well, a backlink an incoming link to a website. The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that page. Let’s just state that Backlinks are a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. Natural, high-quality backlinks and not paid backlinks will help you boost your ranking. Why? Because Google loves readable, shareable content.

It wants to give its users the best answers to their questions, and if you have your video on a different site, then it stands to reason that the information provided on the video is of high value.

You need to understand that Google loves popularity and to gain popularity you need to have backlinks.

Before we start with the backlink section, I want to give you two tools that you can see how many backlinks your video has or if not your competitor’s video if you want to spy on them and understand why are they popular. The first tool is VidIQ; we saw in detail all the information about VidIQ in our second lecture keyword research. Here, we can see how many links has a video, and also another great website is ahrefs.com here just paste the URL of the video that you want to see the backlinks, and it will tell you all the backlinks the video has been getting.

vid iq website YouTube views

boost views YouTube views

ahrefs site YouTube views

How to get backlinks to increase YouTube views

Now that we know what backlinks are, let’s see how to get them. I am going to head over to the YouTube channel dashboard, and as you know, I have a link here that goes to a Facebook fan page and also to a Google Plus profile.

youtube dashboard YouTube views

These are high authority links here, and you must put them on your Youtube Channel. You can also link it to a website or to any other link like for example to a video that you have that is popular; this will create an interlink connection as I showed in the tutorial part of descriptions for your youtube videos where we put links that takes the viewer to other videos. Just with the power of interlinking your videos is enough to generate a great page rank.

Backlinks from Comments

An excellent way to have backlinks is with internal backlinks on comments. Do a research on youtube with a video related to you and see the thru VidIQ, which ones are the most popular. What you want to do now is to leave a nice comment on that video and not a spammy one. And as soon as you write that comment you will have a link to your youtube channel. Avoid making 3 to 5 comments per hour and 5 to 10 comments per day. These backlinks are very powerful so don’t underestimate them.

comment on videos YouTube views

Backlinks from Embedding your videos

Then, another way to get right away a backlink is by embedding your video on your website or blog. But let’s just go beyond with our backlinks. We want to have our youtube video on other sites especially in ones that have a high page rank ranking to get backlinks which result in a better ranking of our video, and also we will get tons and tons of traffic.

embed videos YouTube views

Backlinks from bloggers

Let’s start first with bloggers; you want to reach well-known bloggers. We can have backlinks from them. See if there are bloggers within your niche that would like to have a video and an article on their website.

This will give you a credible backlink while increasing your online exposure as you will be getting tons of views to your video. You can connect with them by sending them an email with a proposal; they are always in need of fresh content to their sites, so this is good for you. If you can’t connect with them via email, you can also go websites where you can target specific blogs within your niche.

The downside is that you will have to pay money, but you will get great backlinks. Some of the websites that you can go to get bloggers are passionfruit ads, the website is passionfruitads.com here you can find great bloggers and see how much they charge for you to get your video on their websites. Other sites that you can go also are advertisewithbloggers.com this is a great website here you will have to request a quote. And another great site is blogmeetsbrand.com here you can connect with high profile bloggers and get great exposure across social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and more.

passion fruit ads YouTube views

blog meets brand YouTube views

Backlinks from Forum sites

You can also place your YouTube video link on forums. Forums are great, and you can set your youtube channel link as your signature, every time you interact on forums people will see the link, and you will get traffic from it as well as a backlink. Warrior Forum, SEO Chat, Gaia Online and RTsoft are great forums that you don’t want to miss out.

youtube link on forum YouTube views

warrior forum YouTube views

gaia online forum YouTube views

Backlinks from Answer sites

Another way to get backlinks to increase YouTube views is thru answer sites. Here, people ask questions all day every day. There are millions of viewers that go to this websites, and you can take advantage of leaving a link as a source to the answer that you provide. A great site that you want to leave a backlink from is Yahoo Answers, which website is at answers.yahoo.com.

youtube link on answer site YouTube views

Backlinks from “How to” websites

The “How to” websites are also great if you have a tutorial on something you can make an article and set your YouTube video there. Two great sites that you can get quality backlinks to increase your YouTube views are Instructables and Wonder How To. At this websites, you can create a tutorial on something and place your video there so you can get a better ranking by having a strong backlink and also upcoming traffic so you can increase YouTube views.

youtube video on tutorial site YouTube views

Backlinks from Charity Websites

An another great way to get high PR backlinks is from a charity. When you sponsor a website by making a donation not only you contribute to their needs but also they will place your link on their site which is a great backlink to have. Go to google and find a charity place that you can sponsor within your niche, you will be the surprise of the results.
Ok guys, now that we saw great ways to get backlinks from websites we can start the second part that is going to be how to boost our views from social media platforms, so let’s get on it.

charity YouTube views

Backlinks from Social Media Sites

If you have noticed on your videos, you can see that you can share them with social media platforms. Take advantage of this; you want your video to go viral as much as you can. Share your video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon. You need to be always posting your videos on this sites since you will get more popularity, and that’s what Google wants in your videos.

Facebook, is the most popular website online, and it can be an awesome option to host your videos. Why? Because maybe your targeted audience is probably there already. A fantastic tool to have on Facebook is that you can tag friends, friends of friends and colleagues in videos.

They will get a notification, and if they like it, they will share it with more people. A must that you have to do is to post your videos to your Facebook Fan Page and also use the hidden power of Facebook Groups. Find related groups within your niche and join the ones that have a lot of members. Comment frequently and post your videos, this will get you thousands of visitors to your videos and also the viral it gets the more shares you have, the better you will rank.

share video on social platforms YouTube views

facebook YouTube views

Backlinks from “Community” Websites

Another great thing to do is that you can also submit your videos to any of the Ning Communities online. Go to ning.com and take advantage of this site. These are social networking communities based on countless niche subjects with lots of users. This is an excellent way to have an extra boost on your videos and increase YouTube views.

create a ning network YouTube views

Watch the video tutorial: boost your views with backlinks


Again, take advantage on how to get more and more backlinks for your videos. You will increase your YouTube views and also get a better rank on YouTube due to the baklinks that you get from different site. Continue to next part of the YouTube tutorial where we will keep digging on how to get more and more YouTube views with Google Hangouts.
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