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How To Use YouTube Annotations To Get More Views

How To Use YouTube Annotations To Get More Views

annotations are essential for your youtube videos and in this lecture you learn the importance and the impact of annotations in your YouTube videos and also how to make the most of your annotations we’re going to break down this lecture into two parts in the first one were going to see a lot of examples of smart annotations and in the second one will go into the YouTube structure of a video and see each annotation and how to use them however why annotations well for two reasons because we can drive traffic to our channel we needed and YouTube loves it and the reason is because YouTube and Google they read the text that it’s inside the annotation which means that we’re going to use a link annotation that includes our main keyword always keep in mind that annotations are not visible on mobile devices therefore to SEO on your video you can link it to any other channel link it to any other of your videos ask them to give you some feedback for your channel or videos and make use of subscribe option here are some suggestions when you’re using annotations notes speech bubbles and spotlights can be linked to content like for example other videos or the if not the same video if you know they can link to channel pages or if not play list or if not to a search result they want to have you can also be linked to call to action bottoms like for example and subscribe bottom you can compose a message or if now you can upload a video response use spotlight links rather than for example a text link although if you’re adding links in notes or speech bubbles he may be a quickest way to add them to a video another option if not is to put a spotlight annotation around items in the videos this is going to create a clickable hot spot some creators in YouTube the embed the thumbnail image just for this purpose this technique is very powerful because it often yields for a better result in a much higher click-through rate than other text links you can also put some video links at the end of your video for example when viewers they reach until the end of the video and they are confronted with a question what I’m going to see next well it’s recommended that you add a link at the end of the video so the pressing user can see the related content to your video to your channel some YouTube creators find this way very effective because he’s like cross promoting their content and it drives additional views to the there are other channels you can also make your video interactive this is very good and its use by a lot of YouTube creators nowadays what they do is they’re placing links in the videos to create a better experience and to show the content in a different way to see how it’s going to respond the viewer to that another great way to use annotations is by building branching storylines what is this this is a really good technique and it’s really popular among viewers it’s branching storylines this also known as choosing your own adventure this involves creating a plot that spans into multiple videos at the end of each video the viewer it’s going to see a choice on how to proceed these going to link to another video and it’s going to challenge the viewer and it’s going to get them more involved and more engage another amazing way to use annotations in your videos is by adding a subscription link these going to yield into having more subscribers for your channel these are really good way that at the end of the video when the viewers they have the chance to appreciate the quality and they’re interested in your video and they want more they can click on this link and subscribe to your channel he’s gonna give you more subscribers and these are written really good way to use annotations again remember that annotations are essentially a call to action within a video they are massed on our videos again I’ll repeated their amassed on our videos in order to and reach the video experience of the viewer by adding information interactivity and engagement and getting viewers who are actively interact with your content and enjoy the material they are explained is a fantastic way to build brand awareness now you see a few examples of annotations let’s see an example of how to use them on a video okay guys so we’re here inside YouTube this is an example video and here i’m going to tell you everything you need to know about annotations ok guys so here you can see a timeline and here you have where to place the annotations for your video the video will be playing here at the top you can see a preview of how your annotation will look like over here on the right-hand side you’ll have all the annotations you can add a speech bowel a note a title a spotlight and also a label I’m gonna go quickly through all of them to show you how they work so let’s get started we’re going to start first with a speech bubble this is how speech bubble will look like you can make it a little bit bigger you can write a text in here down here you can move the annotation around the timeline and also extended if you want to have your annotation to last until the end of the video for example over here you can delete the annotation you can play around with all these and change the annotation as you like you can change the size of the text you can also change the color i know so the background color or hear hear I can put my manual got some time where I wanted to start where I want to end the annotation or you can go below here and change it by moving and dragging the annotation that you just created for the next sanitation we’re going to see the note the note is similar to the speech bubble you can also add a note sanitation basically the same settings again you can place a text and change the size and the color and the background the next annotation is going to be a title for this annotation for example you can place a text here and you can break for example the web the name of your website or anything that you like he has like a drop shadow and it’s a little bit bulky i will no use this annotation and I won’t recommend it but you can also use it if you want then you can add a spotlight this is the next an attention this spotlight are great is one of the best annotations and he said one that I use the most I use the spotlight because i want to refer people to a place or to link them to something referring that video you can see it but when you place a mouse over it you can see and people usually just click on it then we have the label annotation which looks like a spotlight but it has a label over here you can see here when i add the test and go over it with a mouse you will show the text on the label now I save this part for the end because it’s really important in all your annotations you can add a link for example right here I just click on the link section and I have i can place a video for a link for example for my annotation a playlist I can link the annotation to youtube channel to my channel I can link into my google profile I can also link it so that people can subscribe to my channel and also if you’re doing a fun race into a fundraising project that you have these really important because in this annotation you can link it in a way that you can drive your viewers into another window for example your website and you can set up here the time where you want the video link to start and also remember to use annotations for your end card he’s going to tell viewers what to do after they watch your video on your end card you place a spotlight annotation that links to your subscriber channel two other videos or to a specific playlist successful YouTube users use all the time annotations on their end cards this helps a lot to keep the viewer hooked up with your channel here are some examples of great and cards with spotlight annotations you can make the endcard yourself or if not if you want to have it in a professional way you can outsources by going to fiber that come here you can pay a graphic designer to do it for you is going to cost from five dollars depending on the requirements in my go as high as us up to twenty dollars send the graphic designer examples of the end cards after competitors or any other related videos within your niche and once you have it you’re good to go to place the annotations over there remember this is going to help a lot to get more traffic abuse your videos okay guys this is it for this video I hope you take great advantage of the annotations and in the next video we’re going to learn everything about thumbnails the importance and the impact of thumbnails in your videos and how to easily create impressive thumbnails for free with minutes i’ll see you guys in the next video




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