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How to Write a Pitch and Win the Heart of Bloggers


Why should your business contact blog owners? If you contact blog owners whether you are trying to have a product review or a giveaway or both, you are exponentially increasing your reputation.  Some blog owners are well established on Google rankings. If you contact the right blog owners from your industry or mom bloggers or fashion bloggers you are going to be building backlinks. These backlinks are links that they are leaving on their site forever by doing a product review or giveaway. This is critical for your Etsy shop because you are increasing your popularity and therefore you will be more relevant when somebody is trying to find a product related to your business.

So the more backlinks you have, the better are the chances to drive more traffic, become more relevant for Google and make more sales.

You are not only going to be getting traffic to your Etsy shop, but you can also leave your social media links, and you will be engaging more with the people that are reading that blog.


For some people it is very hard to write emails that get results, that get the attention of bloggers. It is not an easy task since if they are not interested in your brand, your story, and your products, they won’t write about it.


Here you will learn how to write a pitch to win the heart of bloggers.


To craft a great email, you need to learn step by step what you need to write on the subject line, in your introduction, your hyperlinks, your images and your closing line with a call to action.


On the subject line, you need to be like your brand, simple, clear and direct. You need to get the attention of the person that is reading it. Imagine that is the first thing that they are going to see when they open their email inbox. Make sure the subject line connects with you and your brand and write something that gets the attention of the blogger to open the email.


Take a look at the example below:


On your introduction, you need to be polite and address the blogger by their name. Always start with a friendly greeting, try to be personable.

All your introductions might be different since you can email somebody to let them know about your products, or if not to work out a product description where you send the blogger your product for review, or if not a giveaway. Usually, the blogger makes a description of the product you are shipping to enhance their readers that your shop is trustworthy, with quality items and features your brand and story.

Be careful with your hyperlinks. Be clear on your message and make sure they get to the destination, like for example if you are adding the link to your Etsy shop make sure it works.

Here is an example of an introduction where you are pitching your Etsy products.  Remember to be original and concise; bloggers want to scoop fast and precise since they might not have enough time to read your email.


Once you have told them the facts of your brand, you will need to put some bullets in your email.

Bullets are a great way to share some unique features that your product might have. This is paramount because for the reader is easier to know the core points that your products can offer to the public. Always include your offerings, describe any particular collection and particularity that your brand might be offering at that moment. Let them know about your materials, price points, where can people get them and other points that will dazzle the reader. You can also include something about your story that you consider important for the reader.


Take a look at the example below:


Add photos!!! Images are huge to get to know your product. Don’t just embed one photo. Make sure you only integrate bright and larger images with a low resolution that contains maybe a collage of your products in one of them. Don’t include too many. With one collage photo, that shows your best products you are fine. To create a beautiful collage of pictures, you can use Fotor. It’s a great website to design your collages within minutes. The link is here: www.fotor.com




Your last paragraph is your call to action. You want to keep the ball rolling so you need to let them know that you would love to work with them and to check your Etsy shop, so they get to know your brand better.


Here is an example of how the email will look:





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