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Game Plan Part 1: The Correct Use of Keywords In Your Website

google page one tutorial The Correct Use of Keywords

In this post, you will learn the correct use of keywords in your website and a few free tools to have a better analysis around them that will help us rank in the top searches at Google. What are keywords and why Google pays a lot of attention.

The Correct Use Of Keywords

Why we need to pay close attention to keywords, what are keywords in the first place? Well, A keyword is a term that a person enters into a search engine to find specific information. Most people enter search phrases that consist of between two and four words. Such expressions are called keyword phrases.

The keywords that you want to have at your website to rank at the top of the searches are those that are the best and most relevant keyword phrases.

Right keyword phrases are accurate and descriptive. It’s all the time better to have a few visitors targeting you for your specific keyword phrases rather than having a lot of visitors that just go to your site because they found your website under a generic search and aren’t interested in what you have to offer them.

keywords example on google

Which keywords to target

The more targeted, and more unique are your keywords the greater the chance that visitors that come to your site can find what they are looking. All the time you want to have visitors to your website that get satisfied with your content, this will convert them into repeat customers, and you will end up getting more traffic this way.

To determine which keywords to target the first plan and research what problem the user has and what solution can you offer them.

For example, the keyword phrase loses weight is extremely focused and overused, but you might have better chances to rank for a keyword phrase that is for instance how to get rid of love handles.

google long tail keywords

Keyword Research

To have a better analysis and to rank on the top search of Google we need to do in-depth research on our keywords, which ones should we target more and why.

To plan our keyword research, we will use two free tools which are the Google Keyword Planner and also the website Ubersuggest. Please, head over to the post SEO Tutorial Part 2: All You Need To Know About Keywords to see closely how I do a keyword research around the keyword Garcinia Cambogia.

ubbersuggest keywords finder

garcinia cambogia keywords
excel keyword planner keywords

Besides doing that research, I also want to analyze the competition around that keyword. I want to as many insights as possible, so I also use the website SEMrush. Here, for example, I can see the analysis around the keyword love handles.

SEMrush is amazing, and it’s a must need to have a better analysis, it has a free and paid version. Also to take into consideration we can use Market Samurai, also Keyword Revealer to see the competition around a keyword and Word Tracker.

keywords keyword revealer tool

semrush keywords finder

Watch the video tutorial: The Correct Use of Keywords SEO


Again do your keyword research use all the tools presented in this lecture and you will see how this is going to have a huge effect on your rankings. In the next post, we will see which domains and hosting should we get to get into the top searches.
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