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Social Media Tutorial: Tumblr Pro Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Social Media Tutorial Tumblr Pro Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website

Learn how to take advantage of Tumblr and benefit from it to drive more traffic to our website.

Tumblr Pro Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website

First of all what is Tumblr? Well, Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

Tumblr is an absolute goldmine to build backlinks and driving a ton of traffic to your site. Tumblr is basically a cross between a blogging platform and a social network.

what is tumblr

Create a blog

Basically people create a blog and follow other blogs that they like and then other people can follow their blog. People can post all sorts of stuff on their Tumblr such as videos, pictures or quotes and individuals can see this and share them on their own blog too.

One of the great things about Tumblr is how viral it is. People love to re-share stuff on Tumblr, and they tend to re-share more stuff than they do on other social network.

tumblr teen vogue

tumblr re share

Get backlinks

In your posting, for example if you are posting a picture what you wanna do is to add a description that has a link that redirects you to your website or to the product that you want to sell. Also make sure to add that same link to your picture. You will find this in the little link button that is on your image. Lastly add all the related keywords related to to the content that you are uploading. By doing all this, you will get two backlinks straight away.

tumblr link on image

create backlinks on tumblr images

Automate your posting

Another great thing that you can do on tumblr is to automate your posting by using the queue option. Here you can select how many postings you want to show per day. What you don’t want to do if you are just setting up your tumblr account is to massive posting. Just post one image and leave tumblr alone for a day or two.

tumblr queue photos

Get Tumblr Followers

Then in order to get traffic to our website we will need to have tumblr followers. How do we get them? Well, its not easy and takes time but you can do it. What you need to is a google search related to your niche. Add your niche and then the word tumblr.

Here you what you want to do is to open tumblr blogs and follow the people that have a lot of reshares on their images, this means that you will be following popular people within your niche. In order to get followers you will need to add 100 people per day, you can follow a maximum of 5000 people so 100 per day will be good. By following all this people, some of this people will follow you back which means that they will reshare the content that is on your tumblr blog and as a result you will get a ton of highly targeted followers within your niche.

Try to get as many followers as you can this way every time to post new content this will get reshare by your followers which means that their followers will see your posting and they might also share it outside tumblr in other social channels such us facebook and twitter. By doing this you will not only get backlinks but also massive traffic that will redirect to your website.

tumblr sites

tumblr follow site

Watch the video tutorial: Tumblr Pro Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Website


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