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Social Media Tutorial The Power of Twitter and How to Get More Followers

Social Media Tutorial More Twitter Followers and Easily Manage Your Account

In this Lecture you will learn the importance of Twitter and how to build the foundation of how to get thousands of followers in our Twitter account. The basics and the ultra secret about Twitter.


Hey guys welcome again, in this lecture we will learn what is twitter and also we are going to build the foundation of how to get thousands of followers in our twitter account. Lets begin,

Like Facebook, Twitter is growing fast. In a nutshell, Twitter is a social networking site in the broad sense of the word, but it’s mostly a micro-blogging service that allows you to make posts up to 140 characters. Its something like a facebook update where you want to deliver a short message to your audience.

Twitter is an excellent free traffic promotional tool that if you use it correctly it will give you amazing results. If you follow the strategy that we outlined for you , you’ll get thousands of followers in any niche; cement your position as an expert which will then result in more traffic to your site and increased sales and revenue.

So after you have created your profile what you wanna do is to customize it. Make it look awesome. Upload a nice profile pic and cover. You can do this yourself or you can outsource this on fiverr.com with a graphic designer.

Once you have your twitter account start tweeting the first two days in order to have some tweets and add your friends by connecting your facebook and email account.


Now its time to get followers, but how do we do this? Well, we are going to cover the basics here with pro tips and in the next lecture in Twitter Part 2 we will give you more great tips. But lets start first with the basics, in the search box type your main keyword or related keyword to find people within your niche. Here you want to follow the people with most followers. What you wanna do after is to follow this followers. You can only follow up to a 1000 people per day. The idea behind this is that some part of the people that you follow within your niche will follow you back again.

Another way to find people related to your niche is by doing a google search within you main keyword and search the websites that appear on the first pages. Go to their website and click on their twitter account and follow their followers. Follow this accounts and their followers.

Now this are the basics, but in order to speed up the process what you wanna do is to create a profile at unfollowers.com This website will make it a lot easier for you. You can have a free account and follow up to 50 people a day but if you want to take it seriously you can upgrade to the 10 dollar a month subscription where you can follow up to 1000 people. At unfollowers what you wanna do is to unfollow the people that is not having interactivity lately, or people that you follow and they don’t follow you back within the next days. Also here a key component is that on the grow you account tab you can search the user the user within your niche and follow their followers. On the right side of the screen you will see that you can follow up to 1000 people per day and then wait for 24 hours. Follow all that people, vary your followers and wait up to 5 days to see which amount of this people is following you back. The people that you are following and they are not following you can you can unfollow them. Keep repeating the process until you grow considerably your twitter account.

But its not only about following, also make sure that you post interesting tweets, add pictures and youtube videos. Diversify your tweets, make them 20% about you and the products you sell and another 80% about things that people like the most, like tips, pictures, videos and so on.

Also if you have a blog, go to Twitterfeed.com and connect your blog with twitter so everytime that you post something your feeds gets on your twitter account. This way every time you post something it will show up on your twitter account. Another great tip if you have a blog is to host a giveaway. You can use rafflecopter.com and host a giveaway where in order to participate you can make to like your facebook page orif not like in this case tell people to follow your twitter account. By just hosting one giveaway you can get hundreds of followers if you promote it well. Do this twice a month and you will get more followers as well as more engagement with those followers.

If you are going to add links make sure to use the google shortener, im here at the website. With this tool you can see the analytics and see from where the clicks are coming from.

Talking about insights we need to know the analytics behind twitter. This is super important. Please go to the website http://www.twitonomy.com/ and create and account. Here you can see who re tweeted you, who mention you, track your followers, get hashtag analytics. The idea here is to interact with people that re tweet you the most and that mention you. Intereract with them and also follow their followers using the unfollowers tools.

Again, make use of this tools and you will see in a few days how you twitter account will grow naturally.

Ok guys this wraps up the lecture. In the next lecture coming up Twitter Part 2 we will learn how to get tweets for us without making them, how to get even more followers and also how to manage our twitter account. Stay tune and I will see you in the next video.





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