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Social Media Tutorial: The Power of Pinterest to Get Targeted Traffic

Social Media Tutorial The Power of Pinterest to Get Targeted Traffic

In this Lecture, you will learn the power of Pinterest, how it works and how you can use it to drive a lot of traffic to our website. Pro-Tips of how to take advantage of Pinterest to get qualified and targeted traffic.

The Power of Pinterest to Get Targeted Traffic

Before going over a Pinterest page and how they can benefit you as a business owner, let’s look at a basic overview of Pinterest and see why it is so popular. Pinterest It is a unique concept even among other Social Media sites. It allows you to “PIN” images and videos to “BOARDS” that you have created.

This is way Pinterest is unique. It is entirely visually driven and involves the user’s emotions in a way that can only be achieved through a visual experience.

Pinterest is a huge networking site where people can share their favorite pictures and videos. These pictures can be anything from quotes to cute animals, to your products and more.

Here people love to share the picture of their favorite product, so it makes it the perfect place for people to look out for products.

pinterest site
Customize your account

Let’s now start from the basics on Pinterest. So the first thing that you want to do is to join Pinterest, on the first and last name you can add your company.

Then you need to create Boards that are unique. Boards are categories for your images. So add a category that matches the product that you are adding.

customize your pinterest account
Then for each image that you place on each board you want to put a beautiful description, add hashtags also to make it more relevant, and if you add a product don’t forget to add the dollar sign when you are putting the price of your product.

By doing this, Pinterest will display the amount over your image letting people know that the product is for sale. After that at the end of the description add the URL of your product to get an extra backlink. This means that for every image that you have you will have two backlinks one from the picture itself and another from the description.

pinterest customize boards

Like the rest of the social networks as more followers you have, the more views your submissions are going to have thus more chances for people to click on the link that you have placed which means that they will be redirected to your website.

Pinterest Pinners

To get more followers first search for your niche keyword in the search box and go to “pinners”. Now go to the accounts related to your niche that have an excellent base of followers preferably over 2000 followers and click on the followers and start following the people.

Only follow up to 100 people a day so you don’t look suspicious, and so it doesn’t consume too much of your time. Now from the people that you are also following you need to like some of their photos and also comment on them. This person will notice this and as a result, the chances for that person to follow you back will increase a lot

Balance your time between posting and adding people. This way more people will find you and re-pin your post and share it across other social platforms too. This way your account will grow naturally.

pinterest pinners
Get Feedback

Now that we know the basics that we must apply let’s see how to get more traffic and by this, I mean that you will have to create a beautiful Pinterest account. But how do we do this? Well, there are several things that you must note first.

Use Pinterest to obtain Clients Feedback: You can put comments under your PINS. This can assist in branding, marketing and creating campaigns to reach your customers.

pinterest tips

Pin It Button

Add a Pin It Button on your Page: Pinterest makes it easy for your clients to pin an item from your existing page and put it on their board. People who are following you will then see what you have Pinned. They will then click on the image to your site, which means increased traffic and potentially more sales.

pin it website button
Gain more Pinterest Traffic

Now if you have videos on your YouTube account, you can pin the videos too, this way you can diversify your boards and also gain extra traffic to your videos.

pinterest videos

Go to the POPULAR tab; here you will find what’s popular on Pinterest which is great when we are doing research. Here take a look at the number of likes, comments and repins which will be a good indicator of what people like.

pinterest popular tab

Then Create or share INFOGRAPHICS, people love Infographics, create them or find them and share them.

Use long and bright pictures; this kind of pictures stands out from the rest and usually gets more traffic.

pinterest infographics

Try to run a contest and use Pinterest to choose the winners with the best boards. This is an excellent way to create brand awareness.

Lastly, what you can do is to always pin services and products related to your field of operation. Use a curator with your pin board. Tell people about your brand. Use trending topics to gain followers and traffic. Create a contributor’s board and create boards with a Sneak peak on the latest and greatest about your product.

pinterest contributors board

Watch the video tutorial: The Power of Pinterest to Get Targeted Traffic

Again, take action and use Pinterest to drive more traffic to your website. In the next lecture, we will learn why we need to use Instagram and how to get traffic from it.
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