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Social Media Tutorial: LinkedIn Tips to Get Tons of Traffic

Social Media Tutorial LinkedIn Tips to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Website

Learn the basics and secrets of LinkedIn and manage different pro-tips that will allow you to get tons of traffic from it.

LinkedIn Tips to Get Tons of Traffic

LinkedIn is known as the world largest professional network with over 150 million global members in over 130 industries.

It’s not only a place where you can just put your resume. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to connect with peers from your industry. Here you can set your personal page, business page, engage with people related to your niche, participate in groups where you can share your ideas, articles, Etsy products and more.

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Build Credibility

With LinkedIn, you can share your brand, story, experience, build credibility and meet people that can influence your business. Use the “six degrees of separation” indicator to ask your connections to refer you to others in their networks.

Offer to give referrals to your contacts, and introduce people you think might benefit from the connection.

linkedin six degrees of separation

Join Groups

Join groups and add value by participating in them. Virtual chapters of professional, industry, and alumni associations in which you’re already a member are especially valuable.

Reconnect with mentors, colleagues, and subordinates whom you’d lost track of from prior companies.

linkedin join groups

Showcase Your Brand

Embed a video or pdf where you showcase your brand, product or the way you make products. This is great since videos show your talents and slideshow show your skills.

Lastly, make sure you write engaging and wanted content.

Write about the content that you think your users are going to read and it should be related to your niche. Host giveaways because this types of promotions are great ways to get immense traffic and sometimes these promotions can also get you tons of traffic.

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Watch the video tutorial: LinkedIn Tips to Get Tons of Traffic


Again, take advantage of LinkedIn and be active in your postings. In the next lecture, we will learn what is StumbleUpon and how can we get a lot of traffic from it.
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