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SEO Essentials to Drive More Traffic

SEO Essentials to Drive More Traffic

Hi guys, welcome again. In this lecture, we will learn everything that we need to know about SEO to drive more traffic to our website. Let’s begin,

SEO Essentials to Drive More Traffic

When it comes to driving in organic traffic, and positioning yourself within the major search engines, it all starts with what is refer to as “on-site SEO”.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it involves optimizing your web pages so that they quickly rank for specific keywords, relating to your market.

SEO doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or complicated process. Let’s see here a quick overview of the MUST factors that we need to apply on our website. This same process we will see it again in Lecture 47 of the Google Page One Section. So let’s talk first about the SEO foundation that we need for our website.


Let’s talk about now about two things in detail that are a MUST for your website and we want you to understand this in an easy way. The first thing will be keywords and the second one the titles.

We did a great keyword research not only to see the competition of the keywords but also to get ranked for those keywords. But we need to know about four factors that we must apply once we have the keywords, and we want to put them on our website. These factors are Keyword proximity, keyword placement, keyword prominence and keyword density.

Keyword proximity means a measure of word order and closeness. This means that when someone is searching for example for the term: free diet plans then Google will assign a higher score to pages that contain free diet plans rather than the ones that said free diet and nutrition plans.

Then the keyword placement means where your keywords are located. You must put them in your Titles, in headings, in body text, in links, in image ALT text, in drop down boxes, in file names and the domain name.

Then keyword prominence is a measure to say where the keywords are placed. In this case is better to have the keyword in the title and the first paragraph.

Then the keyword density is how many times a keyword is on a page. We get this calculation by dividing the keyword by the total number of words on a page. Keep your keyword density from around 6 to 20%, but don’t spam on your website.

Now that we know in detail about the keyword factors on your site we need to talk about titles and why they are so important.

There is one place on a web page where your keywords must be present, and that is in the page title, which is everything between the <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of a page.

Correct use of keywords in the title of every page of your website is crucial for search engines.

Let see at the following example on the keyword free diet plans how it should be on your site and the mistake that most people make.

(hablar del excel)

Then make sure that you put correctly you permalinks. In WordPress, you can change this quickly by going to setting, permalinks, and select post name.

Then you have to create a sitemap.

You can create a sitemap very easily by using free services such as:


Start by entering in your main website’s URL, selecting the change frequency to update daily.  Then, save your XML file and upload to your site’s root (http_docs or public_html)

You will want to update your sitemap each time you add new pages to your site so that it is kept up to date and so search engine spiders are instructed to re-visit your site to index the new pages as they are published.

Then create a free Google Webmaster account at http://www.google.com/webmasters/sitemaps/siteoverview and add your sitemap’s URL so that you can update it instantly, at any time as well as monitor traffic stats for your entire website.

Lastly to finally optimize in full our website we need to talk about the content how to optimize it, and also we need to touch the topic interlinking pages. Please for the content optimization head over to the lecture 47 and for interlinking go to section 48 where we are going to discuss everything in detail.

Ok guys, this is it for this lecture. In the next lecture, we will learn about our competition and why we need to study them to get more traffic to our website. Stay tuned and  I will see you in the next lecture.




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