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In the Link Building Strategies Tutorial, you’ll be learning about the best strategies to build links that you can use to boost your search engine rankings.

Link Building

Link building is a very essential part of SEO and what we’re doing here is building authority. If you have no authority, you have no rankings so acquiring high authority links is going to boost your authority and as you gain authority you also gain interaction in the search results. By the end of this 99 parts you’re going to have a firm grasp on link building! But before we get started let’s review a few common questions about links so that we have some foundational information.

Link building my seo tutorial

what is a link

A link is an HTML reference that allows the user to click and visit a different page. That’s the simplest definition of a link. When somebody’s on a website and they want to go to another page you’ll see a piece of text or images highlighted and click it and it will take them to the next page.

So when we’re talking about building links what we mean is we’re going to be going out and acquiring those links that are from external sites to us. We want to build off page optimization so anytime we’re talking about links we are typically talking about these little pieces that have HTML codes.

If someone is on an external site and click that link it’s going to lead them to your site.

How many links do you need to rank well

The answer to this completely depends on the keyword you’re trying to rank. As you can imagine there’s probably a lot less competition for some keywords than others. For example, if you’re trying to rank for the best dog trainers in Salt Lake City probably not a whole lot of competition there. However, something like New York real estate or Los Angeles real estate things like that are going to be heavily competitive. So it’s not necessarily about how many links you need it all starts with the keyword you’re trying to rank for.

Quality of Links

It’s not just about the number of links, it’s about the quality of links. Building links from high authority sites will boost your ranking.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the text that is inside of a link. So here I put a little screenshot and you can see some text about green tea. At the end there’s a little link and it says more info about green tea with an arrow. That is the anchor text. The anchor text for that link is more info about green team with an arrow.

Link Building example of anchor text

Natural Links

When you’re putting out great content that other blogs and other websites just can’t wait to link to. You post something to your blog and without doing anything people start linking to it. That is a sign of very high quality content. Now, natural links don’t necessarily happen until you have a certain level of popularity. It is the more difficult link to get. But getting natural links is fantastic. It means you don’t have to do any work for them and they go a long way for search engine optimization.

Outreach Links

This is when you simply ask for links. In a good way to ask, is to explain to someone else why the content you have is a value to their audience. So you can send an outreach email and say “hey! I just wrote this blog post, I know that your site is about a similar topic I think your audience might find it useful would you go ahead and link to it.” That’s a great way to just simply asked and you don’t always get the link, but you do get a few and those count very highly.

Doing outreach is a great way to get started building links. Especially when you’re new and you don’t have a whole lot of popularity yet. outreach is a wonderful way to acquire links that are very natural.

Self-Created Links

Self-created links are the least valuable type of link. But they’re still good. Especially, if you’re working in a niche where there is not a whole lot of competition. What I mean by self-created is creating any sort of off page content such as articles on article directories. Asking to guest post on other blogs or doing videos. Any of those things creating them in linking back to yourself is considered a self-created link.

Link Building Strategies

Now that we know what is link building, let’s dig into 99 amazing strategies to build them. We will see link building strategies for article marketing, blog commenting, blogging, classified advertising, directory submissions, forum links, general link building stratetegies, link bait, profile link building, public relations, social media, video marketing and paid links.

Link building strategies my seo tutorial

Article Marketing

Link Building Part 1: Submit Articles to Article Directories
Link Building Part 2: Create a List of Helpful Websites or Resources
Link Building Part 3: Provide Guest Content to Other Websites and Blogs
Link Building Part 4: Swap Articles with Another Website
Link Building Part 5: Share Documents Online
Link Building Part 6: Submit Content to Industry News Websites
Link Building Part 7: Submit Content to Private Networks
Link Building Part 8: Submit Content to Web 2.0 Sites
Link Building Part 9: Write and Submit “How-to” Websites

Link building article marketing

Blog Commenting

Link Building Part 10: Post a Comment on a Blog Post or Article
Link Building Part 11: Post Comments to .Gov or .Edu Blogs


Link Building Part 12: Post Content to Free Blogs

Classified Advertising

Link Building Part 13: Post Classified Ads

Directory Submissions

Link Building Part 14: Create a Free eBook and Submit it Online
Link Building Part 15: Join Local Online Directories
Link Building Part 16: Submit to Niche Directories
Link Building Part 17: Submit Your Website to General Web Directories

Forum Links

Link Building Part 18: Submit Content to Forums
Link Building Part 19: Add Signature Links to Forum Posts

Link building forum links

General Link Building Strategies

Link Building Part 20: Add your Business to Bing Maps
Link Building Part 21: Add Your Business to Google Places
Link Building Part 22: Add Your Link to Online Guestbooks
Link Building Part 23: Answer Online Questions
Link Building Part 24: Add Your Link to the Yellow Pages Online
Link Building Part 25: Apply for Awards in Your Industry or Niche
Link Building Part 26: Ask for Links
Link Building Part 27: Ask Your Business Partners and Vendors for Links
Link Building Part 28: Ask Your Employees for Links
Link Building Part 29: Be a “Cool” Site
Link Building Part 30: Buy Expired Domain Names
Link Building Part 31: Contribute to a Political Candidate
Link Building Part 32: Copy Your Competitor’s Links
Link Building Part 33: Create a “Link to Us” Web Page
Link Building Part 34: Create an Affiliate Program
Link Building Part 35: Create Web 2.0 Link Wheels
Link Building Part 36: Create Your Own Website Network
Link Building Part 37: Do a Google “Link” Search
Link Building Part 38: Join Associations in Your Industry or Niche
Link Building Part 39: Join Online Groups or Web Rings
Link Building Part 40: Join the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Link Building Part 41: Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce
Link Building Part 42: Offer to be a Guest Speaker at a College Class
Link Building Part 43: Organize a Meetup Group
Link Building Part 44: Ping Your Website
Link Building Part 45: Post Freelance Jobs
Link Building Part 46: Post Product Reviews
Link Building Part 47: Put Your Web Link in Your Email Signature
Link Building Part 48: Run a Groupon or Daily Deal Offer
Link Building Part 49: Sell Products on eBay
Link Building Part 50: Sponsor Events and Tradeshows
Link Building Part 51: Submit Web Scripts Online
Link Building Part 52: Submit Your Photos to Photo Galleries
Link Building Part 53: Submit Your RSS Feeds
Link Building Part 54: Submit Your Website to Local Government Websites
Link Building Part 55: Swap Links with Another Website
Link Building Part 56: Three Way Link Exchanges
Link Building Part 57: Use Google Alerts

Link building general strategies

Link Bait

Link Building Part 58: Ask for Reviews
Link Building Part 59: Create a Niche or Industry Specific Glossary
Link Building Part 60: Create a Petition
Link Building Part 61: Create a Test or Quiz
Link Building Part 62: Create an App, Plugin or Extension
Link Building Part 63: Create and Share Website Widgets
Link Building Part 64: Create Coupon Codes
Link Building Part 65: Create and Submit Free Software
Link Building Part 66: Give Away “Real” Freebies
Link Building Part 67: Make Donations
Link Building Part 68: Give Away Digital Freebies
Link Building Part 69: Give Away Free Website Graphics
Link Building Part 70: Give Out Awards
Link Building Part 71: Interview an Industry Expert
Link Building Part 72: Create a Sweepstakes or Contest
Link Building Part 73: Release a Case Study
Link Building Part 74: Post Funny or Interesting Pictures
Link Building Part 75: Release Unique Statistics or Research
Link Building Part 76: Submit Your Web Cam Pics
Link Building Part 77: Run a Survey
Link Building Part 78: Sponsor a Web Template or Theme
Link Building Part 79: Submit a Podcast
Link Building Part 80: Write Testimonials for Other Products
Link Building Part 81: Bribe College Students to Link to You
Link Building Part 82: Pay Bloggers to Blog About Your Site

Link building link bait

Profile Link Building

Link Building Part 83: Post Your Link to Your Community Profiles

Public Relations

Link Building Part 84: News Media Releases
Link Building Part 85: Offer Your Expertise
Link Building Part 86: Online Press Release Submission

Social Media

Link Building Part 87: Social Media
Link Building Part 88: Post to Wiki Sites
Link Building Part 89: Social Bookmarking
Link Building Part 90: Use social bookmarking buttons on your website

Link building social media banner my seo tutorial

Video Marketing

Link Building Part 91: Upload and Share Videos

Link building video marketing seo tutorial

Paid Links

Link Building Part 92: Buy In Content Links
Link Building Part 93: Buy Links from Link Brokers
Link Building Part 94: Buy links or Sponsorship’s in Email Newsletters
Link Building Part 95: Lease Home Page Links
Link Building Part 96: Online Media Advertising
Link Building Part 97: Purchase Sitewide Links
Link Building Part 98: Create Online Profiles

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