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How To Do Keyword Research For YouTube

How To Do Keyword Research For YouTube

in this section you’re going to learn about everything about keywords everything within the keyword research and way it’s essential to know these two run better for your youtube videos why keywords are extremely important and how to find the right key words before we start work you were research in order to create our videos we need to first spy on our competition what are they doing how many abuse that’s Sarah videos have you should ask yourself are they using a technique or something to drive more traffic to your  videos hopefully there is an answer to those questions and you need to explore and inspire computers before you do your keyword research in order to do these were going to use two amazing tools the first one it’s going to be social blade and the second one it’s going to be be IQ go to the browser and type in social blade . come here you can find all the youtube statistics from all youtube users this allows you to look at how their videos are doing and make any necessary changes in order to remain competitive yourself you can also have information like WTF network top youtubers and double youtube channels and you can have all this information breaking it down into most popular YouTube channels from countries like the US united kingdom australia canada and germany and on top of these you can see the best YouTube channels from the related categories let’s take a look at how social blade works we’re gonna spy on our computers i’m going to type in the war tutorial and I want to spy on some youtube user I’m going to spy on this video because I make a video from lauren cartas I want to see right now everything about her YouTube channel in order to these I need to have the username i’m going to go to the about tab in youtube and you can see that Lauren beauty with another why at the end i’m going to copy her username and I’m gonna base it right here in the search box and click search and now i can see all the statistics from urine coordinates everything about her youtube channel I can see that she’s from Australia the channel type is how to when the user was created was in 2011 the video is uploaded the subscribers the DD abuse that her YouTube channel has and I can see here the social blade grading she has to be blast which is really good subscribe around the video of you run and the social blade rank you always want to have a rank from be about you don’t want to go below be you don’t want to get into the sea c plus RC – over here you can see her YouTube earnings I can see how much money are you tube channel is making in the recent days I can see also the day the averages and in the last 30 days is an estimate of how much money is she making through advertisements on her YouTube channel also i can see the latest youtube video that she made and you can see here metric of the monthly views and the monthly subscribers now in order to spy our competitors and we’re better at your research we’re going to use our second to the first one was social blade now the second one is going to be IQ in a nutshell basically baq what it is is a program designed to help you improve your youtube SEO strategy and insights their tagline is more abuse less time but let’s just go a little bit more deep than that what is beat IQ be accused of video analytics tool for you to it helps you find various things about YouTube videos and you can analyze your competitors video and do what they’re doing even more than that and beat them in order to have beat IQ on your browser you need to download the extension from google chrome typing on google baq and you’ll see it from the first search results download the extension and you have it right there let’s see right now an example of how to use biq and its features i’m going to type in right now the key ward garcinia cambogia there were going to be researching on here the videos for the keyword garcinia cambogia job i’m going to select this one over here i’m going to select a few of them to spy on them and see their metrics using be like you now on this video we can see that it be a huge score is 95 out of 100 which is extremely good this video has 1.5 million views 345 embedded sources that means that he has a lot of backlinks I can see the channel subscribers that facebook likes that facebook shares the facebook comments that you to likes you too dislikes the YouTube comments again the two it’s this really good because I can see everything about this video and you can see why it’s getting so many abuse now for this video that were researching on our keyword garcinia cambogia we can see that this computer SI VA q score of 15 and of 100 doesn’t have that many channel subscribers but it does have a lot of abuse he doesn’t have that many embedded sources so it doesn’t have that many back wings but i want to see right now is it tax i can copy all the tax over here he’s going to help us a lot we can go to all the videos that has a keyword you’re seeing can blow job and see all the tags and see how they’re doing and we’re going to call their tags and we’re gonna face it in in a note that now that we just saw our competitors were ready to start remember use social blade and be a cute to do a really good research in your competitors see what they’re doing see their metrics and right now we’re going to start our keyword research i’m going to show you right now the easy way to your keyword research first of all you need to have a keyword that you want to do some research I just for this example I typing garcinia cambogia job I can see all the results from YouTube first page here and what I want to do right now is to get a very good research around these key word i’m gonna go first to the google keyword planner I go to google and i think your planner you need to have a gmail account to access to the keyword planner i click on the first search result keyword planner and now that I’m here on the keyword blender i’m gonna type in the keyword garcinia cambogia I can target for a specific location language I can customize my keyword filters search for the average monthly searches in the last 12 months six months three months these will tell me and we’ll give me all the data that i need towards the keyword garcinia cambogia i’m going to leave all decency fault i’m going to click on get IDs and over here I can see all the ad group ideas and the keyword yes we’re going to click on keyword IDs and we can see that for our keyword garcinia cambogia job we have a million-and-a-half surges every single month there’s a high competition for this keyword and we can see over here the related keywords by relevance that the keyword planner ease giving us in order to have all this information we’re going to click on download and we’re going to create an excel sheet that it’s going to help us you know we’re in the keyword research for our keyword garcinia cambogia once we open the file with the keyword research for rehearsing for the keyword garcinia cambogia job we’re going to see that we have a lot of columns you know where excel sheet we’re going to select the columns that we don’t need and we’re going to delete them we’re only going to leave the keyboard the related keyword and the average monthly searches the rest were gonna select all and deleting now we’re going to select this two columns and delete them and now we have all the key war related searches from garcinia cambogia and the average monthly searches from google from these particular keyword this is just an example to show you the volume for each keyword on which keyword is better for you we’re going to select the average monthly searches and we’re going out start them from the largest to the smallest and we can see here that we have our first keyword we’re going to selected garcinia cambogia we need the key word is the most search keyword every month from gold garcinia cambogia side effects and you can see a lot of keywords related to RCA cambogia Garcinia cambogia review and the list goes on and on he has like a hundred searches related to garcinia cambogia and he keeps you the volume of searches per month from google here is not i can accept search but it’s something that is going to help you in order to have an a curate research of the keywords that you’re going to be using related to the keyword garcinia cambogia another great free tool that we’re going to be using here for our research is this website called our suggest that are our suggest that or over here we’re going to look for our keyword garcinia cambogia job and these websites going to tell us all the suggestions related to the keyword that were looking for in this case garcinia cambogia we can see the whole outfit here there’s 376 suggestions they’re seeing cambogia Garcinia cambogia and see garcinia cambogia extract we can select each key war by just clicking on the plus sign or we can select all the keywords by heating select all key words we select all the keywords and we go down and we click on this bottom get and we’re going to see the whole list we’re going to copy the whole list and we’re going to base it you know where excel sheet i just created a top here you know where excel shit and I just base it everything and we have all the related searches all the related suggestions for our keyword garcinia cambogia now after doing some research with the keyword planner and with our suggest we’re going to go on ghoul and we’re gonna type in our keyword garcinia cambogia job and we are going to see every single result that people is looking for on google when they typing garcinia cambogia we can go through the whole alphabet here and we can get as many keywords it’s possible we can see right here which is typing garcinia cambogia on the first for our review side effects GNC diet by once i click a ghost Australia amazon be benefits best brands cleanse diet that rag and we can go through the whole alpha here it’s good futures copy a few of them and you do some research also with it with the keyword planner you’re going to have a better idea of the keywords are you going to be using whatever suggests you’re gonna get suggestions from the keyword they are targeting and once you have those those who you can go on ghoul having garcinia cambogia go through the whole alphabet it and see by yourself which key word is getting more abuse of in order for you to create a better your research . or here at you selected a few i go to my excel shit i go to the top that i created and i just typed in all the keywords some of the keywords because there’s lots of keywords if you go through half of it but I just selected a few that they get a lot of volume in the search engines now after using the google keyword planner our suggest and go we’re going to be continuing our keyword research on youtube on you two were going to type in our keyword and once we type in our keyword in this example garcinia cambogia we’re going to see the most searched keywords within the keyword garcinia cambogia this is what people is looking for right now when they type in garcinia cambogia on youtube we can go with the same method for Google we can go through the whole alphabet and we can copy and paste a few of these keywords in our Excel shit I copy a few of them over here garcinia cambogia reviews before and after and what I like to right now once have a few of these keywords he said like to go on youtube and type in the keyword garcinia cambogia the main keyword go to filters and see which ones are the most view the videos that has to have more abuse are the one that are the ones that they’re using the better keywords and we need to copy those keywords that they are using how do we copy these keywords we’re going to select the main the first five videos and once we’re here in the video this is the first video this video has a million-and-a-half views we’re going to right click on the page we’re gonna hate view page source and over here we can see the keywords that they are using garcinia cambogia Garcinia cambogia side effects garcinia cambogia dr. Ross garcinia cambogia weight loss we’re going to copy all those keywords and working up a sit-in in our excel sheet we’re going to do the same with the other two three four five videos in order to have a better sense of which keywords we’re going to be applying for our video okay guys so this wraps it up for our keyword research on the next video we’re going to see how to upload our video now that we have the right keywords and we can create the video we need to upload it but we need to add loaded it in a way that we can get better ranking boost our abuse stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next video





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