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Game Plan Part 2: The Key Role of Domains and Hosting

google page one tutorial The Key Role of Domains and Hosting

In this post, you will learn the key role that Domains and Hosting play when we are trying to rank first at the top positions in the search results. What you need to know about domains and hosting to rank first on Google Searches.

The Key Role of Domains and Hosting

Domains and hosting are two essential factors in our Game Plan and we need to pay attention to them. Why? Well to rank at the top of the search results you will need a particular domain, not a normal one and also good hosting to have your website running at an optimal speed.

Don’t get an exact match domain. You may risk the chance to get penalize by this. Before the Google Update, if I wanted for example to name my website whatisaredrash.com I would easily rank at the top for the keywords what is a red rash. Now, if someone else has a unique long article named what a red rash is and also embeds a youtube video in it, and that content is shared multiple times on the social networks then that person is going to have more chances to rank better than me. Why? Well, because that person is delivering to the user the best experience possible.

Remember, It’s always good to have your keyword in your domain if possible. But also avoid getting an exact matched domain.

For example, instead of whatisaredrash.com I would name it redrashtreatment.com

example of keyword in the domain domains and hosting

Also, make sure that your website is not too long and it’s easy to memorize, you want to have a domain that is memorable.

Having a part of your Target Keyword in the domain name is recommended for fast rankings.

Please, go to the SEO Tutorial section and head over the part three. Here you will find a fantastic pro tip to get your domains for a low price.

keyword on domain name domains and hosting

Great Hosting

Now that we have our domain we need to have a good hosting. In part three of the SEO Tutorial section, I mentioned Bluehost and HostGator to host your site, but if you want you can also use Hostnine.

Why hostnine? I can host each of my Sites on different hosting locations. This is a great addition to your SEO if you are doing a lot of affiliate marketing.

Hosting closer to your customers is crucial for both site speed and SEO, and hostnine includes multiple data centers across three continents, and each of their data centers offers you world-class network speeds. Highly recommend as they provide very easy to use Control Panel to manage all of your sites at one place. You can host your sites on nine different hosting locations and each with a different c class IPS.

At hostnine the service that I recommend is the reseller hosting level 2 that comes with 100GB of storage space, and as you can see on the screen the different hosting locations that I can have.

hostnine domains and hosting


Watch the video tutorial: The Key Role of Domains and Hosting


Continue to the next part of the tutorial where we will learn which content we should put on our website and how to optimize it properly to rank in the top search results.
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