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How To Increase Your YouTube Video Views

How To Increase Your YouTube Video Views

In this post, you are going to learn how to increase YouTube views. The importance of interacting with your viewers, how to see if they are watching your videos or just a small portion of it, why youtube values this a lot and finally how to promote your channel to get more fans.

How to Increase Youtube Views

You might be asking yourself why are subscribers so important. Well, lets state that you need them to build a fan base so every time you upload a new video they will get a notification, and they will see it. You want to have a lot of subscribers, so you have a lot of views, and this will rank your videos higher on the searches.  Your subs are essential but how we can get them?

Well, one of the things that you need to take into account is that you have to interact with them. One of best ways to get more subscribers on YouTube is to chat with your current fan base. Sometimes highly educated and in-depth, conversations can result in the comment section of your channel.

Visitors who came to watch one of your videos may decide to stay because they found a community and a blog channel that provides not only interesting content but also provides stimulating and intriguing conversation.
Interacting with your followers shows that you care about their opinion and are not just looking for a page view.

youtube collaboration video increase youtube views

Interact with your audience

Ask them questions about what they would like to see in the next video; you can do this effectively also across social media platforms. Every time to share a video, interact with the people that like and shares your videos, this will help you a lot to grow your fan base and to see that you care about them.

You can also hold a contest. Contests are a fantastic way to increase youtube views, fan base and subs. It is easy and fun to use them. Your subscribers will like it as well since they can be part of your channel.
Contests are also a great way to show fan appreciation, and what fan wouldn’t love that? Consider setting them up and holding free giveaways to thank your fans for being awesome subscribers.
Another thing that is vital to increase your subs is to do a Youtube Collaboration.

collaboration training video increase youtube views
Youtube analytics

Let´s talk about your YouTube analytics. In order to increase YouTube views, you have to focus on the audience retention.
Head over to the youtube dashboard and there click on “analytics”. Here, you can see the views, minutes watched, earnings, likes, shares, comments and so on. We are going to to see something that is crucial nowadays for YouTube, which is the audience retention.

So click where it says audience retention, this is what youtube is keen on in ranking, it’s imperative now to have your viewers hooked up with your videos, you want to them to see your videos for the longest period possible.

Youtube values a lot this and will rank your videos better if they see that your video is popular and people is watching it rather than bounce after 5 seconds of watching your video.

youtube stats video views increase youtube views
These are a huge factor, and here you can see how long has been the users watching your videos. You want to have a high percentage of audience retention, if you see that some of your videos they don’t have a good percentage, then you need to go to those videos and understand why people are not watching them enough.

Lastly, if you didn’t promote your channel yet do it now. A great tool that you can use to promote your videos is thru the find finder that youtube has. Fan Finder can connect easily with your fans, and they will come back to your channel repeatably for no cost.

To promote your channel to grow your fan base go to youtube.com/yt/fanfinder/
These will take you to your channel dashboard, and here you select your channel; you accept the youtube terms and conditions and this a great way to keep growing your subscribers.

youtube fan finder website increase youtube views

watch the video tutorial: How to Increase Youtube views


Remember to interact with your viewers, ask them questions, hold a contest, check on the audience retention to see how long the people is watching your videos and promote your channel with youtube to keep growing your fan base.

The more fans you have, the higher the audience retention is going to be the better your videos will rank and this will lead to more traffic and views to your videos. Continue to the next part of the YouTube Tutorial where we will see why is so important to optimize your youtube channel.
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