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Tips to Get Domains for a Cheap Price

SEO Tutorial Part 3 Tips to Get Domains for a Cheap

Hi guys, welcome again. In this lecture, we will learn everything about domains, how to get them for a cheap price and also which hosting service should you get. Let’s begin,

Tips to Get Domains for a Cheap Price

When we are talking about domains, we need to start from the beginning. What is a domain in the first place? A domain is quite merely a human-friendly address. The Internet is built on Internet Protocols (IP) addresses, which are strings of numbers that host a website. For example is the IP address for Google.

The human brain finds it easier to memorize words than a string of random numbers. So, domain names were used to solve the problem. Instead of typing in, you would just type www.google.com.

A domain is made up of anywhere from 1 to 64 characters, numbers and hyphens followed by the domain extension which can be a .com .edu .net .info and so on.

Top Level Domains are the domain extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info to name but a few. All Top level domains are not created equally. The most popular extension by a long way is .com – with around 114,000,000 .com domain names registered to date and is the one that I will highly recommend you to use for your website.

A few facts to consider. The first domain name to be registered was a “.COM” domain name – Symbolics.com in 1985. The .COM domain name has produced some pretty amazing sales:

For example, Sex.com sold for $13,000,000, Fund.com close to 10 million, porn.com nine and a half million and FB.com that stands for facebook 8.5 million.

If you cannot buy a .com domain ill suggest you get a .net domain but don’t buy another extension that is not part of those two.

Now that we know that we need a .com domain we need to optimize the domain and if we can get it cheap. How do we do this? Well, It’s always good to have your keyword in your domain if possible. But also avoid getting an exact matched domain.

For example, if you choose a product to promote is The Venus Factor, you can buy a domain like this thenusfactorreview.com, thevenusfactorreview.com or  buyvenusfactornow.com

Having your main keyword in your URL is a boost for your traffic. Now how can we buy it and avoid paying a lot of money for it? Here is a trick that is going to help you solve this.

To do this, we need the “joinhoney” extension for Google Chrome.  First, go to http://www.joinhoney.com/?r=chrome

Then, go to http://www.godaddy.com and pick your domain and go to the checkout page like you normally would. After this If you installed the extension correctly, you should see that orange button at the bottom that says “find savings,” click it and the magic will be done.  Wait until it tests all the coupon codes and gives you the best one.  Buy it and its done!

Now that we have our domain we need to get a hosting. For hosting, you have several options. I’m going to recommend Bluehost or HostGator. I’m here at their website. What you would do after you get the domain from GoDaddy is have a hosting account either with Bluehost and HostGator. Then, transfer the DNS to the hosting website and after that, if you want to set up a website with WordPress you can go to their C panels and you will have a one click install button that will generate your site with your new domain. Always remember that having your hosting will always depend on your needs. Go to the Google page one section where I give details on which hosting I recommend for better optimization to rank in the top search results.

Ok, guys this wraps up the video. Thanks again for watching. Again take advantage of the savings coupon trick that we have learned to save money when we are buying a domain especially if you are going to purchase more than one. In the next lecture, we will learn everything that we need to know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get more traffic to our website. Stay Tune and I will see you in the next lecture.



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