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Game Plan Part 8: Consistency and Determination

google page one tutorial Consistency and Determination

In this post, we explain the importance of Consistency and Determination in your game plan, why you need to be more than active to rank better in Google Search Engine.

Consistency and determination

As mentioned in the previous post of social signals you need to be consistent posting regularly. This applies a lot to rank at the top searches in Google. You need to have Consistency and Determination. It’s not easy to rank for the top searches, and it does take time maybe 2 or 3 months or a little bit more. This will all depends on how to take action and how often you post content to your site, build social signals, embed a video providing a solution to the problem of the visitor and so on.

consistency and determination share buttons on site

consistency and determination video on google

It’s all about Consistency and Determination. You need to see this as if you wanted to lose weight. You won’t get it by night; it’s about planning it well, having the right tools, knowledge and from there it’s all about being consistent and have a lot of determination.

Now, you know how to rank by googles rules to rank in the top results, now you need to implement everything that you have learned in these lectures, and you will notice the results. Check your rankings regularly, and keep a plan on all the things you will be doing to get the top results.

Watch the video tutorial: Consistency and Determination


Ok guys, this wraps up the entire Google Page One Tutorial. Continue to the next post where we will learn everything about Social Media and Social Bookmarks, how to get massive traffic from the social channels and also the best pro tips that will take you to the next level.
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