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Game Plan Part 6: The Benefits of Video Marketing

google page one tutorial The Benefits of Video Marketing

Learn the key role of Video Marketing during the Google’s search results selecting process. The Benefits of Video Marketing in the search engine requirements, why we need to implement this on our Game Plan.

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is crucial in all the areas especially if we want to rank at the top positions in Google. Having a video on our website or several of them in our site increases the chances to rank faster in the search results. But you might be asking yourself why we need this. Well for several reasons.

Remember that Google wants to deliver the best experience possible to its users.

Well, YouTube is the second largest engine in the world after Google and its owned by google. So Google will take into account for example if at your website you place a quality article and also a video coming from youtube that is related to that section. You will rank better plus you will get more targeted traffic to your site from YouTube.

youtube facts Video Marketing

Remember that Google values a lot the user experience that you can deliver such a quality article that also contains a youtube video related to the article that is also shared on various social network channels will not only bring you tons of targeted traffic but also rank you better. Take a look at the example of the love handles. I typed in google how to get rid of love handles and on fourth and fifth places comes a youtube video.

Video Marketing video on google
Video Marketing video on website to get more convertions

YouTube Tutorial

So it’s essential to pay attention to video marketing especially to YouTube, which is owned by Google. That’s why we crafted the YouTube Tutorial Section with 18 quality posts that will help you rank your videos in the top positions. Please head over the YouTube Tutorial and go over the posts to improve the quality of the videos that you will be embedding at your website.

Remember again that you want to provide the solution to the problem of the user, so why not to do it also with creativity and with the interaction of a video. Also when the user watches one of your videos at your website, this will help you so that the user will spend more time on your site which is something that googles values a lot these days.

Video Marketing use twice the keyword on youtube video title to rank better
Video Marketing use proper thumbnail on youtube
Video Marketing youtube link on answer site YouTube views
Video Marketing create a ning network YouTube views

Watch the video tutorial: The Benefits of Video Marketing


Again remember to use the power of videos to have a top position in the Google search results. Continue to the next post where we will see the importance of social signals why we need them how can they help us and why Google values them a lot.
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