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How To Create Amazing YouTube Videos

How To Create Amazing YouTube Videos

in this video we’re going to see different ways to create our videos for free and also how to outsource our videos we are going to see a few ways to make videos the first one is going to be by doing powerpoint presentations you can create a powerpoint presentation and complete with your own boys over and you can use a program for example Camtasia to turn your PowerPoint presentation into the video then you can upload your video to YouTube temptation is a really good editing software over here you can see a website where you can download Camtasia you can buy it or if no you can have 30 days of a free trial here you can edit your PowerPoint presentations and upload them to YouTube when you’re creating the powerpoint presentation you can use images on each slide for the images you can use royalty free images in your videos this way you’re not going to get into copyright issues royalty-free means that you can use these images however you please without needing to buy them or reference their source these are some really good websites where you can find royalty free images over here we have morgue file dot com he’s a really good website another website is public domain files that come we also have pixabay that come and another great website that you can use to get pictures he’s 43 photos.com there are thousands of images in these directories and unless you’re looking for something specific issues feel all your needs without needing to buy stock photos again you can simply create a 10 slide presentation with royalty free images and then export the file as a video if you want to add a voice over to your videos for free you can do it with audacity out the city is free easy to use multi track aww dat door and recorder for windows and mac it’s really good and this is the website that you can go and download audacity you can download it and you can record your voice over within minutes another way to create your videos is with a webcam or a video camera once you record yourself you can edit everything on any editing software device for example Contessa you can also edit your boys with audacity it’s simple to use you can change your boys equalize it normalize it you can remove the background noise with the noise removal you can also create videos on youtube with google hangouts which is really good or it now you can record a skype conversation or an interview and uploaded to YouTube there are a number of online resources that lets you build videos both from slideshow presentations and from scratch you can have images and go to this really good website it’s animoto.com and the motor is one of the most exciting and easy to use online video tools it works by combining images to a related topic with text and music in a professional slideshow presentation you can use a free version and create 30 seconds of video or if know you can do the paid version to create longer videos in HD quality with a thousand songs to choose from and without the animal model Brandon you can also go to go animate that come these are really good website they can create fantastic videos and you can also go to this website to create amazing videos within seconds it’s studio that stupeflix that come / and you can also create a cellphone video the great benefit of having a cell phone nowadays is that you can record any videos with your camera and you can instantly capture any band that your course through all your daily life another benefit is that the camera is small and it’s not very noticeable which means that you can use it and he’s great fashion the only drawback he said if you don’t have a really good self on the quality tends to be a little bit poor usually all the cell phones right now come with a USB that leads to a connection to your pc so you can edit your videos that you take with your cell phone which is really good therefore when you shoot the video with yourself when you can connect it to your pc be a US cable and uploaded to the video editing software for example windows movie maker or if not comment asia and another way to create videos that is going to benefit you a lot if you have a blog is to create a video article you can create articles to be videos already called the video production is one of the newest forms of video production he has many advantages including that it doesn’t require you to personally appear in the video it doesn’t require you to personally speak in the video it requires no technical skills her equipment and it can be fully automated so the video is created at the click of a bottom you can create your videos from your articles with this amazing website that is article video robot and here in the website its article video robot.com article video road automatically turns your articles blog posts or forum post into a really good professional video that comes with special effects and a computer-generated boys over and a little bit more creating videos with article video road it’s really easy it only takes three steps you need to copy and paste your article then you need to convert it to a video and they need to distribute to get traffic these are really great way to create a video and take advantage of the blocks that you have this is a very powerful software because it leverages a time and therefore they have already expanded in creating the article blog post and it turns it into a really good video they can submit this video to 50-plus sharing sites you can buy a plan with article video order if now you can have a free trial another option if not will be to outsource your video of course with outsourcing your video there’s a downside that it’s that it costs money but the upside is that it converts better sometimes especially it’s easier if you’re new e a great way to outsource your video will be by going to the website fiverr.com over here you can pay somebody to create a video for example a whiteboard video that explains where you we’re trying to the liver in your message every single gig on Fiverr cost five dollars and depending on the length of the video it can cause a little bit more fiber is really good for video testimonials over here the only thing they need to do is just give the people that is going to create the video script they’re going to read in front of a camera acting genuine unfortunately the good ones will only act for a limited number of warts for one gig he usually it is usually between 50 and 70 awards for five dollars so the average that you might be spending on creating your video fiber will be around ten to twenty dollars but the good thing is that these videos they require almost nothing of editing and it converts really high and you can get these videos in one or two days or if now you can order express delivery delivery sometimes and you will take up to 24 hours when the actor from fire has finished with your video they’re going to seeing you in whatever format they specify but instead of uploading it straight to youtube I recommend adding in some way like adding that text in the description or a call to action is going to be really good and it’s going to help you with your click-through rate ok guys this wraps up the lecture thanks again for watching and now you know how to create videos East time to see how to boost our YouTube yuse how you too can promote our videos and how to get massive traffic from backlinks and social media platforms stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next video





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