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SEO Tutorial: The Benefits of Creating Tutorials

SEO Tutorial Part 13 The Benefits of Creating Tutorials

Tutorials are a very underrated and under-used method for recycling your articles. Several tutorial sites are exclusively visited by people looking for tutorials and instructions. These sites are visited by millions of people who are seeking to improve their skills in marketing, copywriting, web design, SEO and other areas of knowledge.

The Benefits of Creating Tutorials

Tutorials are great because you can provide an actual solution to the problems that people are desperate to get information from and they cannot find very quickly on the web.

You can reach a different type of audience and get more traffic than you think.

People nowadays look for an easy solution to their problems so if you can provide a quick tutorial to deliver that then the traffic will flow to your website.

tutorials make a tutorial on wonderhowto to bring more traffic

How to Create Tutorials

You can create a tutorial from scratch, or you can collect five or more articles from your site and make a tutorial out of them. Make sure at the end of the tutorial to include your website or a link to send people to get a freebie or directly to your affiliate product. Unlike the document and file sharing sites, the kind of traffic you get from these places is one of the most targeted traffic and a high percentage of the people who download your teaser will finally go on to purchase your full product.

tutorials make a tutorial on instructables to bring more traffic

Tutorial Sites

There are a lot of websites you can submit your tutorials too, but I want to share the ones that give reliable results.

Make sure to submit your tutorials to websites like:

tutorials submit a tutorial on tutorialized website to bring more traffic to your site

Watch the video tutorial: The Benefits of Creating Tutorials


Remember that you will not only get incredible high targeted traffic from this websites but also you will get a great backlink that will benefit you a lot in the ranking of your web.
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